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Cancellation Policy is a platform for the artists and craftsmen of India; these people sell their products on Each product is unique and handmade. Almost all products have their own cancelation policy set by individual seller. Any product may be cancelled prior to its dispatch. Once dispatched, cancellation is subject to the specific cancellation policy set by the artist or craftsperson. All cancelled products will be fully refunded if cancellation is done prior to the dispatch of the product. For example, Ikat sarees are professionally folded, that once opened by an untrained person, folding leads to damage to the saree. Hence the sellers set a policy that these products will not be cancelled unless there is a defect in the saree. This platform seeks the encouragement of those customers who buy hand made products that have as its beauty the uniqueness or beauty of imperfectness, unlike machine made product. These imperfections are marks of an artists� imagination and reality. Art and craft need an outlook that is very different from a purchase of a product that comes out of line production, with stringent adherence to measurements, weight and other metrics. So, check the cancellation policy before you buy the product. As a rule, most products are not returnable unless under specific conditions. And understand the seller does not have the sophistication of a shop keeper or for that matter an outlet in a Mall. We expect not only a price for the product but also patronage with every purchase. Purchasing without an intent to patronize the artists and craftsmen often leads to unsatisfactory buying experience. The purchase you make, is part art and craft appreciation and part support to those people who struggle to make a living. The platform gives the artists and craftsman a chance to live with dignity without having to migrate to cities to eke out a living. understands the customer requirements and will do everything to solve a dispute between the customer and seller, with heart in its right place. Patronize our own people. Beautify your home, earn good Karma!


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